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Donskoy Textile factory has updated its website.

Hello dear friends! Donskoy Textile factory has updated its website. Our main goal was to reduce prices for our products. This is managed by specifying all prices in Russian rubles. The currency calculator helps you calculate the price in any currency. The quality of our products combined with lower price will undoubtedly attract your attention. Camel Wool Quilted Duvets Fleece Quilt Duvets Bamboo Quilted Duvet Wool and bamboo pillows Woolen socks Bamboo and Wool mattress toppers Sincerely Yours, The collective of Donskoy Textile factory. read more

Date Added: 02/12/2015

Help us make our site better!

Dear customers! Help us make our site better! If you found error, typo or improperly constructed sentence let us know and we will provide you with a discount of $ 5. Discounts for multiple errors are not cumulative. Select the error and click Ctrl+Enter   With love and respect, The “Donskoy Textile” factory team read more

Date Added: 12/10/2015

Camel socks as a present.

Dear friends! Every customer who has made the order till November the 1st will get camel socks as a present.   With best wishes, Donskoy Textile Factory read more

Date Added: 11/10/2015

We've finalized site Donskoy Textile

Dear friends, we've finalized our site and now with its help you can buy camel and sheep wool duvets from Donskoy Textile factory (Russia). When making a purchase you calculate the cost of delivery yourself. Please note that in accordance with the tariffs of the postal service cost of sending heavier packages (for example, two or three quitl duvets) does not cost much more expensive than sending one unit of product. All international shipment from 11.20.2014 we carry airmail, which affects the speed of delivery positively. Best regards, The team of the "Donskoy Textile" factory. read more

Date Added: 02/12/2014