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Sale of camel blankets. The online store of Donskoy Textile factory - blankets, pillows, socks made of camel wool / sheep wool.

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Interview with the director of the Donskoy Textile Factory about camel wool blankets and not only.

Why do many people want to buy a blanket of camel wool?

So what is a camel blanket????

Oleg Viktorovich Kashirin, General Director of Donskoy Textile LLC, the head of the family-owned company that has been manufacturing camel wool blankets for over 20 years, will try to answer these questions.

Why are camel wool blankets so attractive?

Kashirin Oleg:
When it comes to camel wool products, such as blankets, pillows or blankets, I'm getting a sense of warmth and comfort. (laughing).

Camel blankets are made of camel wool which is a unique, eco-friendly, natural raw material that people have been using for thousands of years.

Besides, they're very warm and lightweight. It is also worth noting the healing properties of camel blankets and other camel wool products.

Buying and giving a camel wool blanket to your loved ones, you give them health, care and love.

I suspect our conversation will be interesting as well as informative.
Tell us about the healing properties of camel wool blankets.

Kashirin Oleg: We grew up in the USSR, and in this country military service was honorable with no alternative. The country took care of its defenders: high wages were always paid on time, housing and equipment was at a decent level, and the Air Force and Navy underwater forces were provided, and I hope they are still provided, with camel wool sweaters. It’s a pretty big deal.

I still have this military sweater, and it' s the only one I wear for fishing in the fall.

The main advantage of any wool, especially camel wool, is its hygroscopic properties, i.e. its ability to absorb moisture.

When we sleep, we need dry heat, such as in a sauna, not in a damp bath.

What happens when we fall asleep?

Kashirin Oleg:
We heat up the bed with the warmth of our body, and this process takes some time (depending on different blankets); and warming up, we fall asleep. The body “works” and continuously releases heat, but in smaller volumes. This is where the differences emerge.

Wool transmits a surplus of heat through itself, without overheating us, but any synthetic blanket cannot realize such a trick and will certainly overheat you.

So what's next?

Kashirin Oleg:
Camel wool blanket absorbs sweat very well, i.e. prevents the skin surface from absorbing sweat with harmful substances back into the body, thus preventing us from poisoning ourselves. Synthetics is an inanimate physical substance and cannot absorb your sweat under any circumstances.

When you sleep, you throw off a blanket and start to cool down quickly because of the sweat.

What if there's a window leaf open for fresh air just around here?

… And during the day, your shoulder or something else “suddenly” starts to hurt.

Chinghiz Aitmatov in his novel The Day Lasts More Than a Hundred Years describe a hero, who “... suffered from radiculitis, a rare disease for inhabitants of the steppe”.

It is already a medical fact that a camel wool treats radicular pain.

In addition, camel wool is naturally antistatic, doesn't electrify, it repels dust particles, which is very important for people suffering from various pulmonary diseases, such as bronchial asthma.

Camel wool blankets, socks and other products massage skin with their fibers, improving blood circulation and charging us with positive emotions.

In the countryside, until now, when you pull a muscle at work, the old people will tie it up with woolen thread and the pain will pass; there are many examples, should I continue?

It's quite impressive, but I suppose you have something else to say.

Kashirin Oleg:
Surely. In terms of process physics: camel hair is very strong and light, hollow inside like a tube, which helps to preserve heat, while preventing overheating. It is thanks to the camel fluff that camels can easily withstand extreme temperature fluctuations in the desert.

Sleeping under a camel wool blanket is very healthy for your body, gives very pleasant sensations, health improving, recommended for couples.

Oleg Viktorovich, currently on the Russian market there is a large number of camel blankets of various price categories, from cheap to very expensive. Would you please provide your comments?

Kashirin Oleg:
Well, the situation's not clear. I'll try to reveal it to the buyer who is facing a choice, including the choice depending on the price.

In the shops, you can find single or double camel wool blanket at a price of 15 USD. In that case, you have to add that it's “a kind of camel wool blanket”. I can assure you that this product has something wrong. A buyer of such a blanket will be disappointed in the purchase …

I'll reveal some details of camel blankets’ production:

During cutting, in spring, no more than 4-6 kg of wool is cut from one camel. After washing, the physical weight is reduced by one third. The technological process has its losses. In order to prevent coarse hair, always present in the wool, from passing through the fabric, we use special dense cotton fabrics, which are delivered to us from Pakistan. All this means that a camel blanket can't be cheap. Here you can clearly see the fraud of the buyer, because the buyer is offered something else under the guise of a blanket filled with camel wool. As for expensive models, everyone buys a camel blanket according to the financial possibilities. If you think our blankets are cheap, you can pay us an extra quality bonus after purchase.

What's your pricing policy?

Kashirin Oleg:
Our products are as good as the best brands in the wool industry in terms of quality, but they are much more affordable. We make a quality product, trying to avoid raising the price of the product. For example, in 2012, our long-term contacts with raw material suppliers were reliable. We managed to prepare camel wool of excellent quality at a good price. As a result, the cost of camel blankets was reduced.

You have been developing a trademark of the Donskoy Textile Factory since 1996, just say something about yourself.

Kashirin Oleg:
Not about me, but about my family. Well, it's a long way of difficulty, but also the victories that our big family has won. As for our factory, we focus on the quality of the product without compromises. Our acknowledgement is a huge number of positive reviews from different parts of the world, our blankets can be found in the U.S., Canada, Germany, Israel, the UAE and even in New Zealand. A camel wool blanket from the Donskoy Textile factory is a great gift for wedding, birthday and anniversary. blankets last for more than 10 years, which means your gift will be genuine and long-lasting.

Where is it possible to buy camel blankets made by Donskoy Textile factory?

Kashirin Oleg:
In Russia, we cooperate with both chain stores and small customers. Our products are also available in our online store. We sell our products on eBay.

Well, finally, how would you like to end our conversation?

Kashirin Oleg:
Nature shouldn't be ruled by us, we're her guests, and we have to take care of her gifts. Camel wool is one of the countless gifts of nature, and if we have done everything correctly, then a person warmed up under our blanket will definitely feel the warmth and spirit of our southern steppes and thank us for this miracle of NATURE, which we have cherished to him.