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Bamboo Comforter STANDARD (300GSM)

  • Donskoy Textile 1996 - 2020 quality traditions.

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  • Filler: 100% natural bamboo fiber;
  • Model: STANDARD; woolen canvas surface density 300 g / sq. m +/- 5%
  • Cover: teak tissue - 100% natural bio cotton
  • Brand: Donskoy Textile

«Bamboo quilt duvet» is a light and warm duvet.
Ecological, natural materials, applied in manufacturing, will make your dream comfortable and sound. Bamboo duvets provide positive effect on your health.

Bamboo quilted duvets.

LLC "Donskoy Textile" is the leading Russian manufacturer of duvets, quilts and pillows of high quality, environmentally friendly raw materials: camel wool and fleece, bamboo fiber.

A bamboo fiber duvet is one of the products of «Donskoy Textile" factory, which meets all the requirements to the duvet of high quality:

  • ecological;
  • Bamboo fibers are porous - i.е. man’s sweating  are absorbed in the bamboo fiber, and then evaporated from its surface;
  • antibacterial properties – the bacteria adhering to the surface of the bamboo fibers are naturally destroyed naturally by the action of the antibacterial agent "Bamboo ban";
  • hypoallergenic
  • Bamboo Fiber eliminates odors;
  • The duvet is soft and pleasant by touch.

Caring for a bamboo quilted duvet.

  • Cleaning of bamboo duvets and pillows can be done with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Obvious advantages of bamboo fiber products are the ability to wash, including machinery. Washing should be done with a minimum amount of detergent at a water temperature of 30 degrees.  The delicate or the hand wash modes are preferable to choose. It is also better to use liquid detergents. So that the fibers do not stick together, it is better to choose the maximum number of rinses.
  • Bleaching, dry cleaning and ironing are not recommended for bamboo products, because this reflects negatively on the properties of  bamboo fiber;
  • The products should be dried by spreading them out horizontally, avoiding tension, because this will lead to deformation of the bamboo fiber;
  • It is also recommended to dry duvets and pillows in the open air at least once a year in a warm day.

Caring for bamboo fiber duvets

  • Before the first use it is desirable to place the duvet  in a dry ventilated place, so that it would be straightened and took a deep breath and its natural form;
  • Vacuum cleaning is possible;
  • Can be washed in the washing machine ("delicate" or "manual" washing modes are recommended) at a temperature of 30 degrees;
  • It is better to dry the duvet on a horizontal surface, avoiding tension.
  • Dry-cleaning and ironing ARE NOT RECOMMENDED, because this has a negative effect on the properties of bamboo fiber.

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