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Camel Wool Comforter MAX (600GSM)

  • Donskoy Textile 1996 - 2020 quality traditions.

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  • Filler: 80% natural camel wool and 20% natural merino wool;
  • Model: MAX - all seasons quilt duvet; woolen canvas surface density 600 g / sq. m +/- 5%
  • Cover: teak tissue - 100% natural bio cotton
  • Brand: Donskoy Textile

Camel wool quilted duvets.

The “Donskoy Textile” camel wool comforters are made ​​on modern high-tech equipment manufactured in the USA. The quality is checked at all stages: from the raw material inspection (camel wool, tissue, etc.) to the final product, packaging and timely products transporting. The  camel wool quilts filler is composed  of 80% natural camel wool and 20% natural merino wool, the merino wool acts as a binder. Thus, we produce 100% woolen quilts using 100% woolen filler and synthetic materials are not used.
The cover is made of 100% cotton of a very high quality. We do not use bright colors of covers, as it is believed that the abundance of paint reduces the environmental friendliness of the product.
Camel fuzz contains animal fat lanolin, which is antiseptic and has a positive influence on human health.
Camel wool has many positive qualities:

  • Curative and preventive properties of camel wool include a positive effect on the muscles, joints, blood circulation, it also normalizes sleep. A camel wool quilt is recommended for the elderly, as well as for those with compromised immune systems, for people with excessive sweating, as well as for all the others as a means of preventing colds.
  • Adsorbs moisture on its surface to 30% from the weight of wool.
  • camel wool has antistatic properties;
  • Holds the optimum temperature, avoiding overheating or cooling. Under the camel wool quilt the human breaths, which is not observed when using synthetic fillers;
  • neutralizes odors, fumes, and even some poisonous substances;
  • Easy, almost weightless. About two times easier than merino wool.

It is believed that the products made ​​of camel wool are not recommended for people suffering from the allergy to house dust. Various studies, including  performed by the Institute of Industrial Anthropology, University of Cologne, have been done, confirming that wool bedding are harmless to people suffering from this type of allergy. Allergy is caused by a high amount of mites, but even then, the conclusions, made by Professor Hans Jurgens, showed that wool is not included into the mites menu. Lanolin, mentioned above, protects the quilt against ticks, saprophytes and other disease-causing microorganisms.
The conclusion for the prevention of allergy is as follows:  dry bedding as often as possible.

Camel Wool Comforter

Camel comforter - is a light and warm quilt blanket used in a cold season of the year. Ecological natural materials, applied in manufacturing, will make your dream comfortable and strong, providing positive effect on your health. Blankets made of natural wool keep the temperature of your body, without disrupting air circulation.

Caring for blankets and pillows filled with camel and / or merino wool

  • Hang to dry in the sun on a warm day for ten hours once a year.
  • Local dry-cleaning if necessary.

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